What are They Saying About Us

Malcolm-Diane Lloyd

This place makes me want to stop cooking and just eat here always!
you know how you feel when you have just finished a GREAT meal.... you want to get somewhere and just sit down and just think of all the yummy goodness that you just had, well brace yourself. Every time that I have gone to this restaurant I feel the same way... (every time) Moma and La Troy make you feel right at home. Moma in the kitchen humming and La Troy running around serving. That combination plus the food (OMG) you have to go and check them out for yourself. I have sent several ppl to check them out and the review is always the same... OMG, where have they been hidding...

Tina Andrade

Great customer service. Food is amazing. This is place that keeps you coming back. I fell in love the first day I walked in. It's like going home for Sunday dinner at grandmas house. Although the owner does do some exciting things like paint night and wine pairings . Spread the word a must visit and feed your tummy and your soul. Love it!

Chuck B

The chef here is a talented lady who takes pride in serving her best to every customer. As can be seen in the other reviews, the enthusiasm they have for their service and creations can sometimes be a bit over the top for some people, but they are passionate, dedicated restauranteurs.

The lasagna is a special recipe and the quality of the ingredients is evident. Elegantly presented. The soups are a nice treat on a cold day, especially since so many local restaurants don't offer soup. The dining area is a bit overdone with the decor, but is indicative of the attitude of "100%' all the time" that is clearly their endeavor. For special occasions, there is a private dining area available which is sectioned off from the less formal part of the building.

Good people who use their talents to provide real, made from scratch food. No Sysco frozen impostors to be found, unlike so many other dining establishments who have sold out to the microwave.


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Today Le'Chiq Catering and Dining is a valued Family owned business serving the Memphis-Bartlett area and surroundings. It has been awarded several awards for its incomparable deliciousness of Italian food. While the seasonally inspired Italian cuisine, stunning private dining room and vibrant outdoor patio make dining at Le'Chiq, Modern Italian so desirable, it’s the team behind our Bartlett restaurant that makes it so memorable. A casual, flexible, affordable neighborhood Memphis restaurant — this is your Le'Chiq.
LaTroy Brown

LaTroy Brown

Executive Chef

I love to cook and watch people smile. It makes my heart smile from the bottom of my heart. I bring people come together by sharing the methods that was taught to me though our enriched generations and traditions.

Traeva Jefferson

Traeva Jefferson

Marketing / Station Chef

Currently studying to become a software programmer. I love working for LeChiq and getting the chance to meet the new people.

Rosie Hale

Rosie Hale

Manager / Sous Chef

She second in command in a kitchen; the person ranking next after the executive chef. Everyone calls her mama.

Christopher Coleman

Christopher Coleman

Team Member

I am currently 18 getting ready to attend college to become a music producer. I am excited to work for Le'Chiq and see the different faces. I am currently the dish washer.

Jael Clark

Jael Clark

Prep Cook

I am 34 and I enjoy working at Lechiq. My daily duties is the preparation for the dishes that are served. This includes chopping vegetables, breaking down, cutting or grinding meat, weighing and mixing ingredients, washing and preparing vegetables, storing food, and more.

What do we Offer

We offer paint night, cooking classes, and dinner and a movie...

Paint Night with a twist

1 Session

Unlike the regular painting night we allow people to drink and give them a taste of amazing food...

Cooking Classes

Monthly Class

This is the time to sit down and cook. Our head chef is taken a total of 20 students to teach them techniques and how to cook day to day dishes. Call for reservations.

Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie

1 Session

Why spend that money for a movie and horrible food when you can come here at LeChiq and get top notch food and a new movie...Required to buy 2 items not including drinks. Movie is 2 dollars a piece. Call to make reservations. 901 552 3582



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